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Naevy Switches
Naevy Switches

Naevy Switches

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The Naevy switch project has been a year of continual research and development into tactile switches. The current tactile switch market has been stagant, without any innovation and most tactile builds require acquisition of multiple switches to be put together - increasing over cost, waste and effort.

The aim of the Naevy switch is to create a new type of tactile - affordable and good as a stock switch. We are still in early days of where we want to be for the ultimate tactile but we believe that have something available to the market that you’ll love - a smooth, great new tactile feeling.

The stem is an original mold owned by AEBoards and it uses a panda derivative housing (most commonly used for tactile switch modding). All funding was paid for by AEBoards without any GB money involved - we believe in our product and shouldered the risk for this project.


Tactile Stem:

MX Clear-like bump with extended pole.

  • Bottoms out a little bit earlier and moves the bump to mid/mid-top.

  • These stems have a different bump to halo stems and don’t feel like Holy Pandas.

  • This stem mold is owned by AEBoards


Available in POM and UHMWPE.

  • POM stems are the default material that come with the built switch. These have a great sound and the plastic is great due to its high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.

  • UHMWPE stems are one of the smoothest plastics around due to its very low coefficient of friction and self-lubrication. However this material suffers from shrinkage rates, meaning they are slightly shorter than the POM stem. In our bags we give you more stems in case you need to replace non-perfect ones.

  • We are looking for feedback regarding the stems.





Panda derivative

Pandas have become synonymous with “tactile”, and for the most part, most tactile builds will have this style of housing. We’ve started our project using this as our starting point, but will be looking at remaking our own housing using our own molds in the near future.


Nylon housing


Aegis Navy



Naevy Switches

  • Sold in bags of 110

  • Naevy tactile switch with POM stem (67g)

  • Cost is $71.50 USD (0.65c a switch)


  • Sold in bags of 140.

  • Stem only in UHMWPE material.

  • You will have enough to replace the POM stems in the above pack- including some additional stems in case you need to swap them out (or even share!)

  • Cost is $30.00 USD


We have plans to further research and development of this switch and profits from every sale get reinvested into the Naevy (Naevies) switch project. Our aim is to create a great and affordable stock tactile switch and ensure that we continually push towards our goal.

The next step will be recreating the molds for the housing - and we’re listening to the feedback you tactile lovers have - just join the Keyboard Treehouse discord and let us know what you think and what you want!