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AE Coffee (Brazil x Indonesian Blend)
AE Coffee (Brazil x Indonesian Blend)

AE Coffee (Brazil x Indonesian Blend)

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AE coffee was initially brought around last year when I collabed with one of our favourite local roaster in Sydney. We have been offering our roast to Friends and Family, and also had some available at the L.A Meet last year.

They are freshly roasted in batches, and take 2 weeks to mature after roasting. These are perishables, so once you have them please use after 2 weeks from roast date or freeze them. Since these are perishable, they will be instock in small batches.


AE Coffee Blend (250g)

Medium Roast

Taste Notes:

Medium Body
Hint of Sweetness

Blend of
Brazillian Pulp Natural & Indonesian Semi-Washed

Roasted in Sydney, Australia


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