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Christo MCG 111 Lube
Christo MCG 111 Lube

Christo MCG 111 Lube

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Lubricants on the switch stem and housing is known for being essential for the Mechanical Keyboards enthusiasts. There's all different types of lubes available, with different properties. AEBoards is offering one of their favourite lubes - Christo MCG 111.

Christo Lube is an oxygen compatible and chemically inert grease lubricant.The lubricant is compatible with common rubbers and polymers and has a wide temperature range and the lowest evaporation rate. It's also food grade friendly (we recommend not eating it though).

Why not add in a lube holder for an extra couple of bucks? It's designed and manufactured locally by TooCool, and fits the 111 lube and other small vials.


  • Comparable to other lubes on the market (eg. Tribosys3203), but less 'sticky' meaning it is easier to apply than other lubes.
  • Christo MCG 111 spreads more readily and less prone to overlubing problems like gumming up your switch. Great for new lubers.
  • Christo MCG 111 reduces the 'buttery feeling' but retains the profile feel of the switch. Depending on your preference, this might feel better as you keep the switch feeling, with added smoothness.
  • Vials contain 5g - enough for 2-3 TKL's


Aeryxz has used multiple types of lubes for his Holy Panda builds. After testing with Tribosys 3203/3204 and various Krytox mixes, he found that Christo lube is perfect for his tactiles because it adds smoothness without changing the profile of the bump and feel. The thicker lubes tend to change the feel completely or add a bit of sluggishness to it, whereas Christo feels like an natural fit.


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