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Introducing Kikuichimonji: A Bisoromi x AEBoards Collaboration

Experience the cutting-edge collaboration between renowned designer Bisoromi and AEBoards – presenting the Kikuichimonji PCB/DB Kit. Meticulously crafted with precision and style, this kit features PCBs designed by the expert team at, accompanied by a daughterboard and a sleek Black Aluminum Plate. Rest assured, we've personally tested the LEDs to ensure optimal functionality.


Backrooms Sale

A few of these units have been discovered in mint condition and full kits created (except unit 3). 2 extra black aluminium plates are provided with each unit. Use them to grill some meat or something (don't actually do this).

These are the configurations available:

  • #1 - silver with gold plate
  • #2 - silver with silver plate
  • #3 - silver with black plate (B-stock) - 2 dents on top left corner, missing JST cable
  • #4 - black with red plate
  • #5 - black with red plate
  • #6 - black with silver plate
  • #7 - grey with silver plate

These will be around until sold out. 

All units have now sold, thanks everyone! Sorry to those who missed out. We have one single black alu plate left over, if you really want it then send us a message.


Key Features

1️⃣ Designer Collaboration: Immerse yourself in the fusion of design brilliance with the collaborative efforts of Bisoromi and AEBoards. This was our attempt to right a wrong in the keyboard community all those years ago.

2️⃣ PCBs: Powering the Kikuichimonji are cutting-edge PCBs designed by the expert at These PCBs are engineered for optimal performance, providing a seamless and responsive typing experience.

3️⃣ Daughterboard Included: The kit includes a daughterboard, ensuring a clean and organized setup. Connect with confidence, knowing that your Kikuichimonji is equipped with the latest technology and connectivity options.

4️⃣ Black Aluminum Plate: Elevate the aesthetics of your Kikuichimonji with the included Black Aluminum Plate. The sleek and durable plate enhances the overall design, providing a premium foundation for your mechanical masterpiece. 

5️⃣ Tested LEDs for Assurance: We've meticulously tested the LEDs to guarantee functionality. Enjoy a keyboard kit that not only looks stunning but also performs flawlessly, lighting up your workspace with style.



  • FRL WKL TKL layout
  • Anodised aluminium case
  • 1.5mm anodised aluminium plate
  • Top mount
  • Dimensions: 369 x 117mm
  • 1.47kg unbuilt
  • 19mm front height
  • USB-C
  • VIA compatible
  • Designed by AEBoards in Australia
  • Manufactured in China

What's Included

  • Keyboard case
  • Aluminium plate + 2 extra black aluminium plates
  • Plastic LED diffusers (eyes)
  • Daughterboard and JST cable (JST cable missing from unit #3)
  • AEBoards feet
  • PCB
  • Hard case
  • AE microfibre cloth