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Staebies - AEBoards x Zambumon Stabilisers
Staebies - AEBoards x Zambumon Stabilisers

Staebies - AEBoards x Zambumon Stabilisers

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This is our first release of the Staebies - a joint project to refine the current market of Stabilisers. We've had multiple production samples and a small test group, but please be aware of this disclaimer: this is the first run of the staebies and there may be some issues that might need to be address. We are welcoming of feedback and will continue to address any issues.

Designed by Zambumon, we've worked together to try create a better and optimal experience for stabilisers. As enthusiasts , we also sometimes have the same frustrations you have as builders. We've try to address and fix as many issues as we can, with a total redesign of the stabiliser.

To celebrate this first release, we've package the stabiliser in a nice little carry pack, so you can also store your future staebies in there. A pack includes:

  • 1 x 6.25u Wire
  • 1x 7u Wire
  • 5x 2u Wire
  • 12x Stems
  • 12x Housings
  • Rubber Orings + Screws

These wires, nuts and screws are custom black anodised.

The stems are made of black POM material, the housing is made of black Nylon material. In future, we may run staebies in various material types.

Note: We have a limited batch of clear polycarb staebies as well, should you want clear stabilisers for RGB. These stems are made of white POM material, with clear Polycarb housing.