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[Coming soon] IDM67 Keyboard
[Coming soon] IDM67 Keyboard

[Coming soon] IDM67 Keyboard

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The goal of this project was to create a high quality and highly conceptualised product that is less of a kit and more so a complete out of the box product. This keyboard is currently unrivalled in the Sandwiched Acrylic Keyboard Case market in both aesthetics and performance— essentially end game worthy and tiers above the competition. 

Unlike traditional acrylic keyboard cases, the IDM67 custom case utilises the capabilities of a Laser cutter to the fullest, not only cutting acrylic accurately, but also etching out depths of 1.5mm for the plate, and 3mm for the acrylic weight. An etching like this on the plate allows for the board to support switch clip in without the need of traditional 1.5mm plate materials and thus maintaining a completely solid aesthetic.

Additionally, to compliment the flawless visual aesthetic, O-rings have been placed underneath the plate to simulate a gasket mount and to aid in producing the best acoustics possible from an acrylic sandwich mount. This “Fake Gasket” in unison with flex cuts in the soft acrylic plate furthermore makes the typing experience much more satisfying and “bouncy,” in comparison to traditional cases.

Custom acrylic sandwich cases paired with hot-swap aren't generally common due to the difficulty and inconvenience that arises to ensure the switch sockets remains near enough to the plate. The IDM67 combats this by having the PCB screwed and mounted onto the Plate— essentially underhanging from a precise constant distance.

The cold, frosted aesthetic in combination with golden screws and spacer aims to also simulates a “Polycab-esc” look, at a fraction of the price.

Internally, there is very little wasted space, with solid acrylic taking up majority of the area, negating reverb and echo. Precise cuts have been made to allow a 6mm frosted acrylic piece to be slotted in and screws into the base of the board, which provides an additional, small amount of heft. Snowmen and Snowflakes are etching into the piece to further establish and emphasise the “cool” notion.

With current trends of custom and vibrant switch housing, it was decided against a High-Profile design which would normally conceal switches from view. To embrace this new trend and compliment it well with the hot-swap capabilities of the KBD67 MKII PCB, a Mid-Profile design was chosen as it allows for some of the switch housing to be seen when mounted. 

The Zeal stabilisers have already been tuned and modified for your convenience, meaning there is no need for any assembly with this case— the table has already been set for you, just bring your own switches and keycaps.


- Hot swappable KBD67 MKII PCB, programmable with VIA 

- 5 Frosted Acrylic layers

- Fake Gasket Mount

-  Zeal Stabilisers Lubed w/Krytox 205g0

-  6mm Frosted Acrylic Weight w/ Snowmen Engraving

- Etched 3mm Acrylic Flex Cut Plate which Supports Switch Clip In

- Mid Profile Case Design

- Integrated Angle