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Praxis IM
Praxis IM
Praxis IM

Praxis IM

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This is the injection moulded version of our Praxis keyboard.

Kit Includes the following:

  • ABS Injection Moulded Translucent Top
  • ABS Injection Moulded Translucent Bottom
  • Black Anodised Aluminium Alice Plate
  • Valor Rev2 Hotswap PCB
  • 5x Polycarbonate Staebies
  • 4x AE Feet


  • Top mount standard alice layout
  • Aluminium Plate
  • Backwards compatibility with Praxis R1 and R2 (including case top and case bottom)
  • Gateron Hotswap Sockets
  • Alice Layout
  • Side-firing RGB LEDs
  • QMK/VIA compatible PCB
  • USB-C
  • Indicator LEDs on Left cluster + caps lock

Base layout below: