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Elevate Your Typing Experience: Meet the Constellation PC (Polycarbonate) – Your Gateway to Innovative Customization!

Unleash your creativity and dive into a realm of personalized assembly with the Constellation PC, our signature 65% mechanical keyboard. Designed for enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled level of customization, the Constellation Polycarb introduces an innovative approach to keyboard construction, offering multiple mounting methods and unique material options.

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Key Features

1️⃣ Versatile Mounting Methods: The Constellation Polycarb empowers you to experiment with three popular mounting techniques – Top Mount, O-Ring Gasket Mount, and Gasketed Sandwich Mount. Each method offers a distinct typing feel and sound, allowing you to tailor your keyboard to your preferences.

2️⃣ Top Mount Support*: Embrace the tried and trusted top mount design, known for its consistent feel and balance between relief and rigidity. The mounting points along the top and bottom perimeter of the plate flex along the lateral axis, providing a semi-cushioned bottom out while maintaining structural integrity.

3️⃣ O-Ring Gasket Mount Resurgence: Experience the resurgence of the O-ring gasket mount, offering unique dampening beneath the plate and dispersing force through contact points in the bottom of the case. Install and remove the O-ring by stretching it around the plate, enhancing your typing experience with its distinctive attributes.

4️⃣ Gasketed Sandwich Mount: Dive into the gasketed sandwich mount, a fusion of the traditional sandwich mount and gasketed dampening. The result is a sturdy yet cushioned typing sensation, striking a fine balance between stability and comfort during extended typing sessions. Customize with half or full isolation gaskets for added flexibility.

5️⃣ Ecosystem Support: The Constellation Polycarb is not just a keyboard; it's part of an ecosystem. We also sell accents and plates, both in thick and thin variants, so you can truly customise the feel of this board.


  • Frosted Polycarbonate Top
  • Frosted Polycarbonate Bottom
  • UV Coated Brass Accents
  • 1.5mm UV Coated Brass Plate
  • Constellation Rev3 PCB - Solderable
  • 4x Poron Gaskets
  • 1x Oring for 65%
  • 4x AE Feet
  • 8x M3 Plate Mounting Screws
  • 8x M3 Case Screws
  • 6.25u + 5x 2u Polycarbonate Staebies Kit
  • 65% Carrying Case


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