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About Keyboard Treehouse

This is a store front for multiple makers from Australia


The Keyboard Treehouse is a collective of Australian keyboard designers and makers, working together to bring visibility to our homegrown community. The shop is an extension of the Aussie discord "Snzagkeys" which is the home discord of Australian and NZ'ers mechanical keyboard scene.

The Treehouse consists of members who have run and managed successful group buys and provided fulfillment. We've banded together to help our community maker newcomers by providing advice, visibility, and trustworthiness to ensure a successful fulfillment for their projects.

All products on the Keyboard Treehouse store are fulfilled by the respective designer or maker as listed in the product page. Have a look around and check out what's in stock, and what we've previously listed. We're always striving to bring new and exciting things into the scene, so keep an eye out.


Please note that each product's description as it may have some special instructions when purchasing.

These can be, but not limited to:

  • Maximum units per order
  • Geographical availability
  • Expected shipping schedule

For more questions for the products, feel free to contact the specific vendor of the product. You can find the vendors on the discord channels.


Thanks to Kason Cheung for the logo.