About Keyboard Treehouse

The Keyboard Treehouse is a storefront and project of AEBoards. We envisioned a community storefront for our OCE makers and designers and bringing visibility to our homegrown community. The shop is an extension of the Aussie discord "Snzagkeys" which is the home discord of Australian and NZ'ers mechanical keyboard scene.

As we understand our makers and audience, we are constantly thinking of ways to provide a better service. We are currently changing the storefront as we scale up, and helping transition to a fulfillment center based in Sydney, Australia.

Please note that each product's description as it may have some special instructions when purchasing.

These can be, but not limited to:

  • Maximum units per order
  • Geographical availability
  • Expected shipping schedule

For more questions for the products, feel free to contact us through email or better yet, through our discord channel.


Thanks to Kason Cheung for the logo.