EXT65 V2 - Hotswap PCB

EXT65 V2 - Hotswap PCB

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Experience Convenience and Customization: Introducing the EXT65 Hotswap PCB!

Upgrade your EXT65 mechanical keyboard with the all-new Hotswap PCB, designed for enthusiasts who crave convenience and customization. No soldering required – effortlessly swap out switches and tailor your typing experience with this easy-to-install, feature-packed PCB.

Due to the layout in V2 bottom row, this Hotswap PCB is designed for V2 and will not work with V1.

See the full keyboard listing here.


✨ Key Features of the EXT65 Hotswap PCB ✨

1️⃣ Hotswap Compatibility: Say goodbye to soldering headaches! The Hotswap PCB allows you to easily switch out your switches without the need for soldering. Experiment with different switch types and find the perfect match for your typing preferences.

2️⃣ Effortless Customization: Tailor your typing experience effortlessly. Swap switches on the fly to find the perfect combination for your needs. Whether you prefer tactile, linear, or clicky switches, the EXT65 Hotswap PCB gives you the freedom to experiment and personalize.

3️⃣ Compatibility with V2 only: The Hotswap PCB is designed to be compatible with EXT65 V2 cases. How do you know? Check the bottom right of your keyboard and see if there's a blocker. If there is, you have V1 of the EXT65 case.

4️⃣ Mirrored Numpad layout: Mirrored left hand numpad support, making it easy to transition using your existing right hand muscle memory to your left hand. This is the best ergonomic numpad layout possible, when compared to non mirrored numpad layout.


  • Hotswap with Left hand mirrored numpad 
  • Firmware available at Xelus github
  • Runs on QMK and VIA