Satellite B-stock
Satellite B-stock
Satellite B-stock
Satellite B-stock
Satellite B-stock
Satellite B-stock
Satellite B-stock
Satellite B-stock

Satellite B-stock

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Welcome to our Mechanical Keyboard Universe! Explore the Satellite 65% – Your Gateway to the Constellation Design!

Embark on a journey with the Satellite 65%, an entry-level aluminum 65% keyboard that brings the Constellation design language to life. Crafted with precision and passion, this keyboard is designed downunder in Sydney, Australia to bring you a keyboard that's not just a tool, but a work of art.

Inspired by the celestial beauty of constellations, the Satellite 65% features a sleek and modern design language that resonates with sophistication. Uncover the elegance of clean lines, a portable and light form factor in full aluminum, and the captivating aesthetic of the Constellation design.


Extra Satellite Hotswap PCB can be found here.


Backrooms Sale

We have several odds and ends here, ranging from simply a damaged box to several dings. 


Grey B-stock #1 - Scratch on bottom piece  in the curve, center. $30 discount.
No plate - add a constellation plate here.

Grey B-stock #2 - Scratch on top face, left bezel. Minor scratches on top face, bottom of inner lip (along the chamfer). $40 discount.
No retail box. No plate - add a constellation plate here.

Grey B-stock #3 - Minor internal marks on bottom piece. $10 discount.

Hybrid black bottom + red top - Dent/scratches on top face, top right side. Minor scratches on right side face. Comes with red plate, minor dents on bottom. $50 discount.
No retail box.

Red A-stock - Damaged retail box, otherwise complete. $10 discount.

Black A-stock - Damaged retail box, otherwise complete. $10 discount.


These will be around until sold out. 


Key Features

1️⃣ Hotswap PCB: Say goodbye to soldering! Enjoy the convenience of a hotswap PCB, allowing you to easily experiment with different switches without the need for advanced soldering skills. Note: This PCB is NOT compatible with Constellation due to O-ring support that constellation provides.

2️⃣ Reversible Base: Choose your preferred typing angle with a reversible base, offering -7/+7 degrees for a personalized and ergonomic typing experience.

3️⃣ Constellation Design Language: Immerse yourself in a keyboard that speaks the language of constellations, capturing the essence of the cosmos in every keypress.

4️⃣ Dual Mounting Options: opt for the traditional top mount or experiment with the compression gasket mount for a unique feel. Tailor your typing experience to match your preferences and discover the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility.


    • Blockerless 65% layout
    • Anodised aluminium case
    • 1.5mm anodised aluminium plate
    • Gasket mount or top mount
    • Dimensions: 320 x 123mm
    • 1.25kg unbuilt
    • 7 degree typing angle (reversible)
    • 22mm front height
    • USB-C
    • VIA compatible
    • Designed by AEBoards in Australia
    • Manufactured in China


    What's Included

    • Satellite keyboard case
    • 1.5mm anodised aluminium plate
    • Gaskets + AEBoards standard feet
    • Hotswap PCB
    • Staebies (black nylon)



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    warmthoughts - youtube

    dutchmasterw - twitch