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Welcome to our Mechanical Keyboard Universe! Explore the Satellite 65% – Your Gateway to Constellation Design!

Embark on a journey with the Satellite 65%, an entry-level aluminum 65% keyboard that brings the Constellation design language to life. Crafted with precision and passion, this keyboard is designed downunder in Sydney, Australia to bring you a keyboard that's not just a tool, but a work of art.

Inspired by the celestial beauty of constellations, the Satellite 65% features a sleek and modern design language that resonates with sophistication. Uncover the elegance of clean lines, a portable and light form factor in full aluminum, and the captivating aesthetic of the Constellation design.


Extra Satellite Hotswap PCB can be found here.


Key Features

1️⃣ Hotswap PCB: Say goodbye to soldering! Enjoy the convenience of a hotswap PCB, allowing you to easily experiment with different switches without the need for advanced soldering skills. Note: This PCB is NOT compatible with Constellation due to O-ring support that constellation provides.

2️⃣ Reversible Base: Choose your preferred typing angle with a reversible base, offering -7/+7 degrees for a personalized and ergonomic typing experience.

3️⃣ Constellation Design Language: Immerse yourself in a keyboard that speaks the language of constellations, capturing the essence of the cosmos in every keypress.

4️⃣ Dual Mounting Options: opt for the traditional top mount or experiment with the compression gasket mount for a unique feel. Tailor your typing experience to match your preferences and discover the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility.


    • Blockerless 65% layout
    • Anodised aluminium case
    • 1.5mm anodised aluminium plate
    • Gasket mount or top mount
    • Dimensions: 320 x 123mm
    • 1.25kg unbuilt
    • 7 degree typing angle (reversible)
    • 22mm front height
    • USB-C
    • VIA compatible
    • Designed by AEBoards in Australia
    • Manufactured in China


    What's Included

    • Satellite keyboard case
    • 1.5mm anodised aluminium plate
    • Gaskets + AEBoards standard feet
    • Hotswap PCB
    • Staebies (black nylon)



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    dutchmasterw - twitch