AE Switches - Blaecks (Linear)
AE Switches - Blaecks (Linear)
AE Switches - Blaecks (Linear)

AE Switches - Blaecks (Linear)

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Introducing Blaeck Switches: A Symphony of Smoothness

Unleash a new realm of typing perfection with our Blaeck Switches, meticulously crafted to deliver a linear, smooth keystroke experience reminiscent of the renowned MX Blacks but at a midweight actuation point. Designed for enthusiasts who demand precision and performance, Blaeck Switches are your gateway to a typing paradise.


Key Features

1️⃣ Linear POM Stem: Embrace the seamless actuation of our Linear POM Stem, offering a buttery-smooth keystroke from top to bottom. The Blaeck Switches deliver a consistent, linear feel that typists crave.

2️⃣ AEBoards Tight Nylon Top: Experience durability and resilience with our AEBoards Nylon Top. With out non-slot top and use of nylon material, experience a fuller thockier sound in comparison to other tops.

3️⃣ 5-Pin Nylon Bottom: The 5-pin Nylon Bottom design ensures stability and compatibility with a wide range of keyboards. Say goodbye to wobbling and hello to a secure fit that enhances your overall typing experience. Your board doesn't support 5-pins? Then just clip off the plastic legs and you have yourself 3-pin support!

4️⃣ 63.5 Double Spring (Factory Oiled): Feel the perfect balance of actuation force with our 63.5 Double Spring. Each keypress is met with just the right amount of resistance, providing a tactile yet smooth response. The springs are meticulously oiled for enhanced longevity and performance using a thin lube.

5️⃣ Bagged in 40 Pieces: Convenience meets value – our Blaeck Switches are bagged in sets of 40 pieces, making them easily accessible for your keyboard build or customization projects. Stock up and ensure you have the perfect switches for your next masterpiece.

For 40%, you'll need 1 bag.

For 50%/60%/HHKB/65% you'll need 2 bags.

For 75%/TKL/Full Size you'll need 3 bags.



  • Stem: Linear, normal length pole POM Stem
  • Top: AEBoards Nylon Top
  • Bottom: 5-pin Nylon Bottom
  • Spring: 63.5 Double Spring (Oiled)
  • Bagged in 40x switches