Valor PCB - for Praxis IM
Valor PCB - for Praxis IM

Valor PCB - for Praxis IM

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Upgrade Your Alice Layout: AEBoards USB Type C Alice PCB – Effortless Customization with RGB Side-Glow and Indicator LEDs!

Experience a new level of customization with the AEBoards USB Type C Alice PCB – a feature-rich PCB designed to enhance your Alice layout keyboard.

The Valor is a perfect fit for the Praxis IM keyboard case here.

Also compatible with the aluminium Praxis.


Key Features

1️⃣ RGB Side-Glow: Illuminate your keyboard with vibrant RGB side-glow. Choose from a spectrum of colors to match your style and create a captivating typing environment.

2️⃣ Indicator LEDs: Stay informed with indicator LEDs for the left cluster and caps lock. Easily check the status of your keyboard at a glance.

3️⃣ USB Type C Variants for Praxis and Praxis IM: The USB-C variants of this PCB are designed to seamlessly fit Praxis and Praxis IM keyboards, but are also compatible with any board that uses the Alice layout. Enjoy the convenience of modern connectivity standards.

4️⃣ QMK and VIA Compatible: Unleash your creativity with QMK and VIA compatibility. Effortlessly customize key functions, macros, and lighting effects to suit your preferences.

5️⃣ Two PCB options: Valor comes in two variants, solderable and hotswap.


🔧Installation/Build Note: 🔧

Please note that there are 2 missing mounting holes near the USB port. During installation, screw the plate to the top of your Praxis IM / Praxis first, then attach your switches and PCB to the top+plate assembly.


📡 Update the Firmware: 📡

Ensure your AEBoards USB Type C Alice PCB is running the latest firmware. Visit to download the updated firmware and unlock additional features.