Happy Easter to all our treehouse friends.



Praise the praxic fire! Salvation is here. We're proud to announce that we are the proxy for OCE region for this awesome keyboard, designed by our own local Wilba, and being machined by Salvun. We've also got extra plates and pcbs listed up, and they are separate listings - so be sure to bag and cart what you need. I personally cannot wait for this board, making tray cases great again!



neavail.com? Yep, sure is!

We're proud of our AE switches and our official partners around the world are listing them up. These are custom molds, with custom materials, for the best custom keyboard feel. Be sure to grab some and enjoy the smooth mix pe stem material we've been working and innovating on - ahead of the competition.

Our molds are owned and are fresh, only used for our runs - making sure that we aren't overusing them and dealing with bad quality and recalls like our competitors, and cutting out the several middlemen inbetween. We have bought all our switches instock, because we believe in them and put our money where our mouth is. Join the movement, support switch development and innovation, support in stock buys, and enjoy great switches.

We have even more great things in the works, and all the proceeds of these switches will continually allow us to improve our own line up as well as invest in further R&D.

For our next rounds of switches, we're looking to open up and allowing other vendors into the switch family. If this sounds like something you want to support and stock, head over to the discord and find me - aeryxz#0420.