Hi all,

Just a quick update for all the treehouse ents. 



Praxis machining. Colours to be determined.

Constellation material gathering. Revision to the plate/left control stand off is sent and approved. Colours to be determined.

Kikuichimonji PCBs and daughterboards ordered.

AEBoards authorised switch vendors have listed our dope switches up. For Europe, check out Salvun, for NA check out Cannonkeys (Neavies, Raeds).

We also have some AEBoards hard cases we'll be listing up as soon as we can work out the most efficient way. If you want one, then simply talk to us through the old discord dm's, and we can add it to the order. Theses are newer versions with a zip pocket so things don't fall out, and a label badge so you can badge and label your case.

We've got 65% for 35USD and TKL's for 45USD. Keep in mind due to volumetricness of the thing, we'll have to work out shipping. We can put some smaller things in there to help shipping costs. Here's some pics of the mcguffin.





As always, join the discord for further updates.



Don't forget to support our fellowship of makers in the OCE region. We love watching our makers grow and skill up, and make really cool things for the community.

Mechamaker - luber of switches, filmers of tops, the first of his name. He's stocking some dragonfruit, bloodlust t1's, and boba pinks. Can I get an aww yeah?

We also want to introduce Ben from Wkeys, he's new but no doubt will keep at his craft. His newest maker thing is the old macropad. Come and support him!