Backrooms Sale and Keyboard Treehouse News (May 2024)

Hello friends, it’s been a while.

We've been busy behind the scenes and have gone through several significant changes in the past year or so. Things are now getting settled and we’re excited to get back to work on designing unique products. 


Backrooms Sale

To support these future ventures, we are running a sale - a collection of long lost items, b-stocks that don’t have a home and additional discounts to some of our in-stock keyboards and accessories.

Some items will have extra details in the description, please read carefully (especially regarding B-stock items). If you want to inspect these boards in person, you can arrange to visit our warehouse or wait for our minimeet - more info about that below.

Items will also be added over time as we find them, refer to the sale updates list below. Your support is greatly appreciated. Hope you find what you’re looking for!


Sale start date: 12pm, Monday 6th May 2024

Duration: 2 weeks (certain items will remain until sold)





Sale updates

  • 6th May 2024 - Sale launched
  • 6th May 2024 - EXT65 sleeves, DCS WoB Extensions.
  • 8th May 2024 - All Kikuichimonjis have been sold! 



Following the Backrooms Sale, we would like to run a small keyboard meetup. This will be an opportunity to check out the backrooms sale items and see our keyboards in person, since we no longer have a storefront.

This should be some time in May or June but we want to run these regularly in between the bigger meets such as the upcoming Actuated 2024 meetup run by Cafege in Sydney.


Warehouse Move

Earlier this year, we moved from the storefront to a smaller warehouse unit in the same complex, moving a lot of stock over to a robotic fulfilment service. 

There's still a few kinks in the service but we try to stay on top of things when there is an issue. Some orders are still fulfilled through our warehouse manually, and we apologise for any delays in that case.

Visiting is still possible by appointment.


Staff Changes

Ryan has been an invaluable asset and has been a part of every release at Keyboard Treehouse and AEBoards for the past 4 years. He is now on hiatus but we hope to have him back at some point.

Henry is also no longer at the treehouse, you may have seen him at our last minimeet and at the old store occasionally. He provided much needed support to Ryan as well as working on various 3D printing projects.

We're thankful for their dedication and hard work and wish them all the best.


I want to welcome ninja (of Laser Ninja) to the AEBoards team. He's been a big big big help in the last couple of months, bringing a new perspective to what we do here, and his knowledge in web and graphic design - hoping to uplift everything. As you may know, he's also been pretty proactive as a maker so happy to have him on board!


The Future

In the works are the Aepex and Naedir. The Apex is a premium HHKB/60% layout board and the Naedir is a smaller 50% (using Zambumon's percebe layout). We have created dedicated discord channels for them as well as other future products, so follow them for updates.

These two boards will likely launch as a limited GB for our friends and family. The keyboard market has been tough over the past year and launching the project as in-stock is increasingly risky. If these projects interest you, let us know in discord.

We are currently taking offers of interest in the Naedir as we wrap up prototyping PCB's with Wilba and finishing the case design and going to prototyping. We estimate this project to finish in the next couple of months before taking orders. It is likely that Naedir will be a single run keyboard, as it fills a niche in the keyboard sizing, so make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity to get one. The form is in the discord channel.

Aepex is already prototyped and being tested as we speak. It will be making the rounds at the local meetups in Sydney (and Australia). We do want to refine it a bit more, making minor changes based on feedback.


In addition, we have a new switch to add to our current lineup (Raeds, Blaeks and Naevies). It is currently in prototyping stages with molds currently being finalised, in collaboration with Tecsee. It will require a refresh of PCB and plate design, as it will support EC and HE later on. More information as soon as we can start testing.

We are collaborating with Gondolindrim and MisST on a new mouse design. This hopefully will come to a success but we have major roadblocks in the way due to firmware (eg. QMK, ZMK etc) - but I'm hoping we can overcome those obstacles.


On the website front, we have made improvements to the menu and product organisation, with plans to upgrade to a brand new look in the near future. News/updates posts like this should hopefully be more regular but you can always find the latest on our discord server.



We’re open to feedback and have created a simple google form to fill out, or if you prefer, you can reach out to eric or ninja on discord.


Discord server:

Eric: aeryxz