Late Jan / Early Feb update

Hello everyone,

what a Jan it's been. Last time I wrote, the biggest thing was the Australian fires, which has burnt over 46,000,000 acres, 6500 buildings and 34 lives including volunteers helping everyday Australians. We still have the AEGIS and EXT65 auction drive going, where the profits will go to various charities involved in Australia to deal with this tragedy. We've got a handful of entries, and we welcome more! The form is here:

Note: Winners will also get a slot in the upcoming CONSTELLATION keyboard.

Speaking of which - we've just announced our next keyboard named CONSTELLATION. It will have multiple mounting options, customisable pieces with more layout support and pieces in the future. We're trying to make this an ecosystem for the 65% with parts being able to be changed around based on your keycap set, or new switches, or different feels. We've got prototypes and been playing around with it. For more information, check out our IC thread:

Having said that - there's a bit of a virus outbreak in China at the moment, topped off with a bit of Chinese New Years and factory inspections, there's most likely going to be delays on any chinese manufacturing. We aim to get this in Q1 but those dates may slip, based on what the Chinese government mandates, the health of the Chinese people, and capacity of the manufacturers involved. The good news is that we haven't taken your money so life goes on as usual. Constellation will be an in-stock keyboard on the store, much like the EXT65 model.

If there's any updates, I'll let you know through the IC thread or my instagrams. Take it easy in Feb, and be talking with you soon.