AEBoards and Keyboard Treehouse 2020!

Hey hey everyone - Happy 2020 and coming up CNY!

AEboards has successfully prototype their next product, the constellation. It's a 65% layout without any blockers. We're currently in testing mode while there is Chinese New Year, and during this will test our design for feel and sound. I'm currently testing with Holy Pandas while my colleague Solidsnake is testing with linears (alpacas). We plan to do a in-stock run of around 100 boards this time, scaling up from the 50 we did of EXT65. You've might have seen some sneaky pics on our instagram, and we'll reveal more as we are confident moving with the project.

With the Keyboard Treehouse we are working out on our marketplace idea, getting more makers into the fold. We have a few exciting project collabs on the way, including Ivery Board's Praxis and Biso's Kikuichimonji and plenty of other unannounced boards.... these will also skip group buy and be directly in stock (honestly in stock model is better for everyone involved and I believe it to be the future of customs).

Finally, I'm auctioning off two of my personal boards within my collection that we've designed and manufactured with AEBoards. The profits will be donated across multiple initiatives that are helping us in to deal with the current Australian Fires situation. (NSW RFS, Red Cross and Greening Australia).

The form is Payment through Paypal, sent express via DHL. I will grab details from winners when I contact them.



Cerakoted yellow aluminium case (with official small dent on the corner) and Cerakoted light blue brass plate and additional brass plate. This is the last one I have left, only the prototype remains in my collection.

Aegis Yellow

Aegis Back

Aegis Dent



#1 / 50 Dark gray with brass plate and 2x gasket kits. This is the last unbuilt one I have left. Sad to see it go, as it really is one of my favourite end game boards in my collection, but also happy for it to be used in a new home and money going to a good cause.

EXT65 Top


EXT65 Back