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AEBoards Praxis Injection Moulded Keyboard Kit – Redefining Alice Layout Keyboards with Hotswap Technology!

Take your Praxis keyboard to the next level with the AEBoards Praxis IM (Injection Moulded) – a revolutionary kit that combines the elegance of Alice layout with the convenience of hotswap technology.

This kit includes the Praxis with a Hotswap PCB, creating an easy to purchase bundle to get you started. Immerse yourself in the world of hotswap flexibility while enjoying the classic Alice layout design.


Key Features

1️⃣ ABS Injection Moulded Translucent Top and Bottom: Revel in the beauty of translucent aesthetics. The kit includes an ABS Injection Moulded Translucent Top and Bottom, allowing the subtle glow of your keycaps to shine through.

2️⃣ Black Anodized Aluminium Alice Plate: Experience the tactile and satisfying feel of typing on a Black Anodized Aluminium Alice Plate. The plate provides a sturdy foundation for your switches, ensuring a premium typing experience.

3️⃣ Polycarbonate Staebies: Enhance the visual appeal of your keyboard with 5x Polycarbonate Staebies. These translucent elements add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your Praxis setup.

4️⃣ AE Feet for Stability: The kit comes with 4x AE Feet, providing stability and support for your keyboard. Enjoy a secure typing experience without compromising on style.

5️⃣ Hotswap PCB for Ultimate Flexibility: Embrace the convenience of hotswap technology. Swap and experiment with different switches effortlessly, without the need for soldering.



  • Alice layout
  • Injection moulded ABS top and bottom case
  • 1.5mm black anodised aluminium plate
  • Top mount
  • Dimensions:
  • 430g unbuilt
  • 19mm front height (17mm at peak)
  • USB-C
  • VIA compatible
  • Designed by AEBoards in Australia
  • Manufactured in China


What's Included

  • Praxis IM case
  • 1.5mm black anodised aluminium plate
  • Hotswap Valor PCB
  • AEBoards feet
  • 5x staebies to fit board