Social Meets 2019

Hi all,

It was pretty busy for a couple of weeks. Ryan and a few of our treehouse friends ran the Sydney Mechanical Meet at the end of December and it was a great turnout! As usual, we threw in some AEBoards and Keyboard Treehouse stuff as prizes - it's always great to support locally!

Check out some of the photos of the Sydney meetup! Thanks to Quinella and SolidSnake for the pics.

Aeryxz went overseas and joined up to LA meetup. Was one of the first overseas meetup and it didn't disappoint. It's always great to meet people and put faces to names. We also had bunch of treehouse stock up for sale so thanks for the support from our United States friends. We had some AEBoard caps, Xelus Dawn60 PCB and Invyr stems also as prizes at the meet.

Check out some of the photos of the L.A meetup! Thanks to fatlabelmanjr, garry, zane, ai03 and mechmerlin!


Updates to the Keyboard Treehouse:

We're making changes soon that should help us be able to have better support for multiple vendors. During this time, we won't be taking any payments while we sort out how we can better manage the shop both from our end but also as a prospective vendor.

Invyr's UHMWPE stems are now available at his shop or if in CONUS, on 1up keyboards /

If you want to put some of your stuff up on the Keyboard Treehouse, just pm Aeryxz or Ryan and we'll get things started.