EXT65 EU/US releases are completed!

Hello everyone,

We're happy to say that this morning we had the final public release for the EXT65 in the EU timezone. These boards have been packed, the labels printed and now currently waiting for DHL to pick up on Monday.

A few days ago, we had the US release and those are already on the way to their owners. I want to personally thank everyone who was interested in the EXT65 and managed to be able to purchase one.


I know a lot of people missed out due to the limited quantity. For this board, I paid out of pocket to get them made - as I think skipping the group buy model has a better customer experience than paying and waiting. It was very heavy in logistics, with the case and plate made in one factory, PCBs in another, gaskets made over multiple factories, boxes in one, and the foam in another. I want to try streamline these processes over time but for now it will have to do. This reflected on the pricing, and wedo recognise that sometimes $500 USD is out of reach of people.

Having said that, we've got plans to get more EXT65 layouts out into the public, so those who couldn't afford or missed out and have a chance to try the layout. I'll release more information soon regarding this, I don't want to promise too much as all the designers on AEboards have day to day jobs, family commitments and assignments to do. Be assured we are not resting on our laurels, and in fact are in the works to do even more cool stuff - and this is only possible with your support - so once again, thank you everyone who followed along and bought on the EXT65 project.





I do have some exciting news that I will reveal pretty soon once all the boards have made their owners. Stay tuned either on the Keyboard Treehouse, or on instagram - follow @aeryxz and @aeboards.