EXT65 Specced Editions!

EXT65 was designed by three of our AEBoard members: Aeryxz, Solidsnake and Xelus. You can visit our EXT65 SE page to find out more about this unique keyboard.

As with most keyboard runs, we run extras to ensure that there’s enough A-stock for the public buy. These 3 boards were part of the extras and numbered accordingly: #52 / 50, #53 / 50, and #54 / 50.

Since the prototypes of EXT65, we’ve been using the board extensively with our tastes in switches - and today we will offer you what we enjoy best… but don’t let our taste limit you to what you like, mix and match and get the most satisfying board you can build with your preferences. Get all the EXT65 SE information on the AEBoard's website!

You can join the auction through this Google Form, and payments will take place right here, on the Keyboard Treehouse.

Once again, a big thank you for everyone who followed the EXT65 journey and the ongoing support from the Aegis buyers. We’ve learnt a lot more from this run and moving forward we hope to be able to get more of our boards to you - our greatest supporters.


EXT65 SE #52: Holy Pandas


EXT65 SE #53: Linears


EXT65SE #54: Ergo Clears