July-August Update

Hey keyboard clubbers,

We missed a month of updates because there was not much to report. We've just recieved stock of a few things that will be coming up to the keyboard treehouse shop this weekend. We'll append the links below on this post when they're live!

We have stock of AEBoards' Naevies - you can find out more information on the website. We have partnered with a NA and CN vendor, so if you're closer to them it might make it cheaper and easier for shipping to purchase through your regional vendor. We'll be listing our stock on the keyboard treehouse in multiple waves, so don't feel too bad if you miss out on the initial release date.

We have a very limited stock of AEBoards TKL hard cases. We're looking into have more of these instock and working out logistics if there's demand for them. They come with little cute navy zippers with the AE logo.

We've received the Constellation PCBs, and most of the gaskets&feet packs have been made up. The Constellations themselves finishing the annodization phase, and I expect them to be packaged and shipped for us for QC within the next month - fingers crossed.



In other partner news:

Praxis from Ivery is due for completion soon, and we'll have those in stock on the keyboard treehouse.

Idyllic is currently back to studying, which means that his stock will drip feed into the store as he makes things slowly when he's not studying - for the latest updates please stay tuned on the #idyllic channel on the Keyboard Treehouse discord. We wish him the best with his studies.

We have a few more projects underwraps, so keep an eye out for even more cool stuff hitting the store.