June update

Hi all,

We are slowly moving things along!

Constellations are being machined as we speak. I'm hoping they will be ready in the next month or so.

EXT65 R2 PCBS are in stock, as well as Brass and POM plates for EXT65. If you have an existing EXT65, they will be compatible. There's also open source files for the EXT65 R2 so you can cut your own case. More information is available at the AEBoards website - and you can get the files, firmware and json on the resource page. We are waiting on QMK to merge our stuff to their main, but you can still flash the firmware and load the json into VIA to change your layout/settings.

TMOv2 has been restocked. These are the final units. There were 30 made in Treehouse green, 10 of which was reserved for our friend, Taekeyboards, who did an awesome video on it.

We also have an awesome artisan made by our friend CozCaps, the skull blanks. I requested this from him, and he certainly delivered. We have a couple of colour ways to be sold, each week a new colourway being revealed!

We are finalising the AEBoards switch, with some additional testing and feedback from some of our friends. I have some samples left over from the factory, so the next couple of orders will get a couple for their collection to test. More info on these soon. (Yes, they are navy and tactile, just how I like it :))

NAEVY switches

Our awesome friend Idyllic also has some kits so you can get straight into make your EXT65 dreams come true. Visit his page and check out the dope EXT65 cases he is selling!


On sale now:


EXT65 Plates


Skull Blanks

Idyllic EXT65 Cases