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September Update

It's been a while since we've last posted.

Aegis Navy x Jubi

Keyboard Treehouse loves working with great designers, and it's no secret that Pwner of Ion Keyboard does some amazing work, his most recent being the very awesome Zenith over at foundry. We have worked with Pwner and reconsiderit to secure a handful of Jubi's (a classic XT inspired 60%)  for the Keyboard Treehouse, this time in the signature AEBoard's Aegis Navy colour.

A few days ago, we actually stealth released a few units of the Jūbi. We were testing a few things in the store ahead of the public release of Constellation. We didn't post any links and waited for organic traffic to come to the site to find the listing - so a big congratuations to those who found the Jubi and managed to snag one.

We have limited units remaining and trying out the Vickrey auction through google forms. You can enter for the Jubi using this link -

Good luck to those who want to enter the Vickrey auction!



Look at these stacked beauties. If you've not seen the Taekeyboards video, then you've gotta check it out.

If you have questions, then check out the IC  over at geekhack and post there.

We've arrange shipment for the first half of the constellations kits and addons. We'll be recieving over 350 kilos of premium milled, delicious aluminium and lavish brass - luckily I've got my AEBoards slaves team on the ready for some QC'ing, packing and possible Korean BBQ.

So as an eager buyer, waiting to depart money, you want to know how you can get a constellation. We're still milling around some ideas on how to make this "fair", especially in 2020, age of bots buying. Well, have no fear, we'll be trying to make this "fair", or at least, "fairer".

1. Keyboard Treehouse manually checks all the payments, it is not automated - we check purchaser information before authorising the transaction - this also means we can cancel payments quickly and painlessly.

2. We have a one limit per household/address. I know it sucks if you wanted to get a pair for you and your wife, but unfortunately the demand exceeds supply and I want to see them go to other households.

3. We'll have "waves" of instock releases, at different timezones. These aren't region/geolocation locked, but is more for convienence. These waves will have a small allocation of kits/addons. We'll man the shop during these hours to enable cancelling of orders to get them back in the shop.

4. We may do "flash" sales of unannounced stock, or they may communicated through social media (discord/IG etc)

5. As soon as constellation is shipped, we'll be putting a new order for release 2, as well as new addons for existing owners. We're not looking to change the PCB yet, but add a new more plate materials to test (eg. Copper, POM), and new accent colours (eg. lilac, keyboard treehouse green).

6. We are still working out how to meet demand, especially when Keyboard Treehouse is generally a "instock" vendor and not a group buy vendor.

But before all this happens, we have to do our Friends and Family units first. These units were for supporters of AEBoards who have joined us in our journey from our first GB with the Aegis, to our instock EXT65. These units will be QC'ed and send out first - so I suspect you'll be seeing some content before you're able to purchase. Hopefully this can help inform you to see if the constellation is the right fit for your keyboard needs.



Naevies R1 went well - we've recieved a lot of feedback and working on improving a few things with the next release. We don't have an ETA on when the next round will be as things tend to take time of the nature, but we have acquired additional authorised partner vendors to help global distribution. These partners I have asked are ones who I have trust with the AEBoards name and in their fulfilment.

NA: Cannonkeys

CN: Deskeys

Oceania: Keyboard Treehouse

SEA: ILumkb

EU: Salvun

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, we've ordered a linear stem mold. So Naevies R2 will include a linear switch lineup, depending on the quality of the samples. We're looking forward to that, as well as a few other changes we'll announce later on.



Ryan of Keyboard Treehouse and Ivery design's Alice inspired keyboard is coming soon. It will be a revision of the earlier design - Austere, that ran last year. It will be sold on keyboard treehouse and more information soon(tm).

For now, check out the demo for the upgraded underglow of Praxis




We've reordered more of the revision 2 PCBS. We are really enjoying the cases that people are making for the layout, and loving people making stuff! From the keyboard treehouse discord we have a guy trying out wood cases, and in acrylic we have all different ways of people doing it. It's great to see. There's even talks of attempting a stacked metal design. We're really excited to see what you are all coming up with, and if you're not in the keyboard treehouse discord then you should join!

Xelus is currently working on a revision 3 of the EXT65 PCB - this time with hotswaps and inkey RGB. It's been a long requested feature set and with the EXT65 ecosystem being more DIY, we feel that the build process is more with the case design and less about the soldering switches. We will have both R2 and R3 PCBs available in the shop as they service different needs, but it's our commitment to extending the EXT65 system.

There is no plans for another metal EXT65 run, but we welcome you to buy a PCB and try making your own case! We also have a wholesale price if you want to vendor your own cases with our PCBs, just ping aeryxz on discord.

EXT65 R1 PCB - No rerun, came with EXT65 metal cases.
EXT65 R2 PCB - Reordered.  Supports 2 bottom row layouts, macro/numpad layout. Supports OLED and Underglow.
EXT65 R3 PCB - Work in progress (subject to change). Supports 1 bottom row layout. Supports Hotswap and inswitch RGB.



Earlier this year, we teamed up with Biso to make his very awesome Biso board. There was a bit of drama earlier in the year about this layout, and we wanted to make this original idea happen. While things took a bit of a curve ball this year, we have a prototype of the board in hand, and awaiting testing  PCBs (which are already in Australia).

We won't be running Aegis Navy in the run due to annodisation problems in the prototypes. This is my favourite colour personally but unfortunately it doesn't seem viable. Most likely we're looking at black and dark gray, possibly silver.
Case design by Bisoromi. PCB design by Instock. Not Soon(tm).
We are bringing Zambumon's 48 key layout to life with some We love this small form factor layout, and working with other great designers. Much like the EXT65, the Percebe has case files you can cut for yourself or use as reference to make your own design. We encourage trying this one out.
AEboards is also in the works of designing a case for this layout, which is currently a work in progress.



Jubi Vickrey:

Constellation: Soon(tm)

Naevies R2: Soon(tm) + Linears. New Vendors (+SEA, +EU)

Praxis: Soon(tm)

EXT65:  R2 PCBs reordered, R3 WIP (Not Soon(tm))

Kikuichimonji: Not Soon(tm)

Percebe PCB: Not Soon(tm)

AE x Percebe: Not Soon(tm)