Hey all,

I just wanna say thanks for all the support most of you have given us, whether it's being active on the discord, making friendships, building our stuff and supporting our makers. If you're not on the discord - you should join it! It's the best place to meet like minded people and makers, as well as keep up to date. The link is keyboardtreehouse.com/discord

At the start of the keyboard treehouse project, it was mostly about having a storefront for AEBoards and Ivery using an in stock model. This year has been pretty good for us - we've released constellation, praxis, (finally) the linear switches, new naevies, deskmats, hard cases.

We collab'd with a few darn good people like rama, biso, ion keyboards, funder and helped newcomers like ZTboards, and who can forget the really talented our region with idyllic, tempest, and our other makers. I've had a pretty busy week shipping as much as possible, and trying to get them out as soon as possible.

Thanks for being patient - and forgiving our fuck ups. Both myself and ryan probably put in a few hours of work daily and having some cool people to talk and hang with is probably the biggest benefit for us. We've got a few cool things lined up for this year, I don't wanna go too deep into them as it creates expectations and timelines, but I'm keen to get percebe going this year, zambumon's 50 layout on wilba's pcbs, as well as our small run of board supporting this. The idea is to be like ext65 and provide the pcb and get people to make their own cases. (If you didn't know, we like makers :))

We have some exciting collabs lined up too, I won't mention projects but collabing with great people in our hobby like salvun and apiary. These have been ordered: next run of constellation AND praxis, biso's FRL WKL TKL, new molds for our next iteration of switches, more constellation addons. We wanna support as much as possible our ecosystems into the future.

We know our shipping pricing is expensive due to DHL iron pricing, especially from multiple vendors. We'll endeavour to try fix these little smaller problems through the year (we know have a modest small warehouse starting this year).

Most importantly I wanna thank ryan (Ryan), solidsnake (Brandon), xelus (Harrison) for dealing with me, I can be a pain sometimes, but I do think the passion, love and level of quality we have been doing has been exception for a small team that started with idea how things work, and our shoestring budget. (Every little bit helps, auctions, vickrey etc)

This year, I wanted to get regular streams going (hasn't happened yet), and being more in the community, this will depend on time and money, but be sure we wanna be relevant going into the next years of the hobby and excited to see it grow.




We are doing stuff. Stuff is coming.

Join the discord. Make friendships.