October Update


FNF units are pretty much sent out. You might have seen some pics or builds happening on stream, please look out for them so you can have an idea if this keyboard is for you.

Our good friends over TaeKeyboards did an exceptional video for the constellation, you can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zz-ccBESZ0


The Sale

The listing will be going up this week for public release. We will give you a few days notice. We have around 50 for public rounds coming up, and then we are expecting another 100 units to come (we will need to QC/pack these too so there might be some time between releases). We'll have a few waves of stock for different time zones.

We'll be listing the item at a higher price than the RRP (see below), and you will need to use a discount code to apply it to the normal price. Any purchases made without this discount code will be refunded, and the item listed back onto the treehouse. This is to stop bots automatically buying all the things.


Discount Codes

These codes will be generated for each wave of releases at various places. Our discord is a good start. It will be a little bit of hunting involved, a little bit of friction and effort, we believe, will stop botting.



600USD for a instock standard kit, which has brass plate, weight, accent pieces, and a AEBoards hard carry case, PCB. There are limited units of Aegis Navy and Dark Gray, we're expecting more in the second shipment. There's a fair few Blacks.

Accents:  40USD for a pair (Black/Red/Dark Grey)
1.5mm Brass Plate: 40USD
4.5mm Brass Plate: 80USD
4.5mm Poly Plate: 60USD

We will list additional feet and gaskets and orings later on in the shop once we ship all these units out. Just want to make sure we have enough stock for everyone first.

Dark Gray / Rose Gold pictured below.

DG and RG



We will have a few limited edition ROSE GOLD constellations that were designed for Olivia and her sets. Only a handful were made, for this round, and it will continute to be a Vickrey Edition colour. More info about vickrey auction soon, but always be sure to be on the discord for latest information about it.




We have a bunch of tie-in and collabs with others for this release. Just like our previous boards, we work to bring a few nice things added to our releases from the community (eg. yasin bags, ae caps, dmac cables etc). If you've already joined as part of the FNF, don't worry, I'll send a code so you can buy these collabs when they go live.


AE x Rama.works

We're proud to bring back our RAMA cap. Limited edition of 80. Brass Cap with Black infill of our logo. Minimal and clean. Available with purchases of constellation only, with a handful being released with each board release.

Rama Cap


AE x Laser Ninja

We've had laser ninja on the keyboard treehouse for a while, but we finally have some stands to addon with constellation purchases. A nice acrylic stand with his latest stand model, it's a nice add on for those who need to flip between boards or show off on their desk.

Laser Ninja Stand


AE Coffee

AE coffee was initially brought around last year when I collabed with my local roaster. I have been offering to FNF and brought it from Australia to L.A at the L.A Meet. Since then, I've been doing private runs.

With constellation release, I'll have some freshly roasted beans ready for purchase. It's a mix of Brazil x Indo beans, with a nutty and slightly sweet tones. It's probably my favourite beans at the moment.

They are freshly roasted in batches, and take 2 weeks to mature after roasting. These are perishables, so once you have them, use after 2 weeks from roast date or freeze them. Since these are perishable, they will be instock in small batches.




Praxis listing will be available this week for public release. Black kits will be the first colour to be released with more colours like Silver and Red on the way. Photos soonTM!

Kit contents:
Black Praxis
Black Alu Plate
Valor PCB - USB-C Alice pcb with VIA and side firing LEDs
4x AE Feet
Custom AE Bag with Custom Foam


550USD for a standard kit (see above)

Extras available:
Plate and PCB bundle: 85USD
Plate only (choice of poly or Lilac plate): 45USD
PCB only: 55USD

praxis lilac



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Constellation Soon(tm).

Praxis Soon(tm)